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Politicians’ Tribune is a website that, through articles written by politicians themselves, seeks to provide a platform where politicians can connect directly with followers and voters in an unfiltered way. 




The price is $50,000 for the company.  This includes 4 domain names:  







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Why share your story on Politicians' Tribune?


Control your message


Your message reaches a broad audience without being filtered or changed by writers or editors.



No message boards


Articles released by traditional news and media outlets have comments and message boards, which end up detracting from your message due to the naysayers.


Insights available


We've got smart analytics that'll provide you all data you need to analyze your outreach.




Connect with new followers


When telling your own story, you will connect with voters in a more intimate way. 


Broadcast your story to the world

We are seeking articles from politicians for national, state-level, and local political races.  If you are a politician, please send us a message at politicians@politicianstribune.com with your story idea and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 


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